Bogs and forest, soft hiking

Are you longing for real hiking adventures, but still in need of a nice bed and good food? Then you should try our daytrip hiking!

On arrival day, you check in at cozy Ringsjö Krog och Wärdshus where you will have your base during these adventure days in the center of Skåne.

We provide you with maps and instructions for three days of hiking adventure – the goals are the hiking area Frostavallen (lovely beech forest and hiking routes up to 18 kilometers), the hiking area Fulltofta (with visitor center and a lot of exiting information and good hiking trails) and to the very lonely bog Fjällmossen (a very special experience).

For the two days of hiking in hiking areas, you pack your lunch at Ringsjö Wärdshus. And on the day reserved for your solitude trip to Fjällmossen, you stop at @lantis (ecostore) for a nice meal!

At evenings you enjoy a nice two course meal at Ringsjö Wärdshus and you enjoy the stillness by the lake or by the fireplace depending on weather.

Do you like fishing? Prolong this stay with a day for guided fishing on the large lake Ringsjön!

What’s included?
  • Welcome package with all maps and tour descriptions for three days of outdoor experiences
  • Three nights stay at Ringsjö Krog och Wärdshus
  • Three two course meals in the evenings,  three breakfasts and two lunches to bring. One lunch at ecostore @lantis
  • A guide on the phone in case of questions
What do I need to bring?
  • Proper dress code for outdoor life
  • Underwear, warm shoes and clothes
Cancellation policy

Bookings can be cancelled whenever without any fees.

Activity type

Multi=day tour


4 days

Booking in advance

Book until last minute

Difficulty level

Very easy

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