Volcano hike through the forest

Just breath in the beech forest on this guided tour around Ulfsbjär, one of the ancient volcanoes in the center of Skåne.

Enjoy the beautiful beech forest on this guided tour through the ancient landscape.

The tour is around six kilometers and well stop several times to study the forest, the landscape, traces of human civilization and of course, the volcano Ulfsbjär, 180 million years old.

On this 2,5-3 hours tour, you’ll also follow the development of the landscape across the last 10 000 years.

We’ll walk for around two or three hours on a good trail, but some parts are really steep and hilly. Bring your picnic and walk down to the lake Dagstorpssjön after the guided tour, here you can enjoy your meal on a beautiful spot by the lake.

What’s included?
  • Guide for the tour
  • Hiking maps for the area Frostavallen
What do I need to bring?
  • Clothing for the season
  • Good shoes, a good pair ot trainers is the “bottom line”
Cancellation policy
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 80% if booking is cancelled 12 hours or less before the event.
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the event.
Activity type



3 hours

Booking in advance

Book until last minute

Difficulty level

Very easy


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