Outdoor slow down

Connect with yourself and with nature on this slow down experience. Hike along the pilgrim trail, dive into the forest trying a proper forest bath, slow cook your food over the open fires and find your true precense with soft morning yoga in the forest.

This is the perfect “away from it all”, easy accesible but still genuine and revolutionary for your body and mind. Hike into the forest and let yourself be completely enveloped of the ancient beech forest.

You’ll return to the other side with completely fresh soul and mind. This is an unique experience where you bond to the Swedish nature and your inner self an get a perfect practice in solitude and selfadmiration. Follow us on a safe but fun trip, return full of confidence and knowledge about the Swedish nature!

Length; three nights (with arrival day included).
Everything included, except your personal luggage.

Day 1: Outdoor Slow Down - arrival day

Arrive at cosy Höörs Gästgivaregård where you sleep well in shared bedrooms in this newly renovated hotel. You’ll have your lunch on your own (not included) and be fully prepared for departure on the following day. We will send you all information you need for a calm and easy arrival.

Day 2: Outdoor Slow Down - hiking and forest bath!

Following the pilgrim trail you depart out in the landscpae toegether with your guide. You’ll hae lunch and Swedish fika where you find a nice resting stopt, and during the day you’ll also enjoy the cleasing, soothing and mentally calming forest bath, called shinrin yoko in japanese. Forest bath is a special tecniqu to be able to mindully experience the prescense and calmness of the forest.

After the approximately 8 kilometers of hiking you’ll check in at lovely Nyrups Naturhotell where you’ll stay in two bed huts and also enjoy a guided outfoor cooking before you fall asleep under the stars.

Day 3: Outdoor Slow Down

You’ll start with a soothing and refreshing yoga, and continue with a cocreation of breakfast, enjoying the stillnes under the tree canopies. After breakfast you’ll depart and follow the lovely trails in the beech forest. You’ll hike around 18 kilometers and arrive at Åkersberg in the afternoon, where the beautiful spa Andrum will let you dwell and enjoy the environment.

This energetic and enforcing day will be settled with a nice two-course dinner in the restaurant before you fall asleep in the shared room.

Day 4: Outdoor Slow Down - departure day

After a good nights sleep and a brekfast you’ll say goodbye to your new friends for life and leave this experience, heading back to the “normal” everyday life, fileld with a new energy and calmness – and of course a lot of memories and new experiences to enjoy for a long time

What is included?
  • All meals from breakfast day two to breakfast day 4 with non alcoholic drinks.
  • All group gear for outdoor cooking.
  • Professional guides with education and first aid utilities.
  • All lodging and everything connected to that for all nights.
  • Transport and storage for your extra travel items while in the field.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Public transport to Ludvigsborg on day 1
    (remember to easily buy your ticket for trains and busses at the train station in the ticket machines).
  • Personal gears for the adventure (see equipment list).
  • Travel cancellation insurances.
Please note

Public transportation nearby.

Cancellation policy

Bookings can be cancelled whenever without any fees.

What do I need to bring?

Gear list

  • Good clothes for outdoor, at least one change with dry clothes if get wet.
  • Use the layer on layer method so you easy can adjust between hiking and resting.
  • Water proof clothes to pull over.
  • Maybe sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Water bottle, at least 1 litre.
  • A change for the evenings containing clothes adapted to fire, smoke, and chilly outdoor nights.
  • A small cap, possible to sleep in.
  • Extra socks and a warm sweater for outdoor use,
  • A small backpack (at least 15 liters) to carry all your items that you need. You will not reach your travel bags until you get to Stiftsgården Åkersberg,
  • Personal things like toiletries and medicines.
  • Charger and electronics that you need.
    Please note that you will be without charging possibilities from the point that you leave Höörs Gästgifvaregård to the arrival at Siftsgården Åkersberg on day 3.
Activity type

Multi-day tour


4 days

Booking in advance

Booking is possible one week before arrival

Difficulty level



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